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Pest Control At Home: How To Prevent An Infestation From Developing


Having trouble with pests? You’re not alone. According to recent surveys done by science centers and health organizations, ants, cockroaches, rats and even bed bugs rank among the top worst infestations anywhere in the world. Take roaches as an example. They do not operate from a single nest in your house, so if you have a really bad roach problem, there’s a chance that any nearby houses or if you live in an apartment, your neighbors might harbor the very same problem as you. Roaches can sneak into your house from the tiniest gaps in the wall. This roach killer is fantastic at eliminating the roaches in your home. This is perhaps more prevalent in apartments whereby the walls between each unit in a building are shared.

These critters are not usually isolated to just one part of an area however. Most of the time, your neighbors might very well be experiencing the same problem.

You could be a tidy and clean person, but if your neighbor has a messy and unkempt apartment, you could well suffer from the consequences as well. Cockroach problems are especially widespread in such areas. In order to kill these roaches, many have resorted to using the services of exterminators. Professional exterminators may cost a bomb but they usually get the job done. Short of that, the best roach killers that you could probably come across would be poisonous baits.

boric acid

Boric Acid – a cheap and effective way for dealing with roaches.

You may also have heard of boric acid being used to kill off these roaches but are they really the best way to do this? If you have pets though, that can be a major problem. Pets like dogs or even cats are known to lick up the poison from the floor and end up falling ill themselves, so you might want to keep them away from the house for a while if you’re planning to do an extermination using these methods.

While used widely as an insecticide, boric acid pretty much works on roaches just as well as it does on other pests like termites, silverfish and occasionally, ants. Boric acid is applied by being sprayed into any tiny cracks in your walls or floors because that’s where pests (especially roaches) tend to hide. They do not necessarily have to ingest the poison directly for the effects to take place. They might have crawled across the contaminated area and when they groom themselves, they’ll end up eating the poison too.

While this may work to a certain extent, you should be wary of the potential side effects of these roach poisons. For instance, while the poisonous bait slowly does its job, a roach might very well still be able to move around for a bit. If it ends up crawling over your plates, utensils, bedsheet and whatnot, you could end up ingesting part of the poison as well, albeit accidentally.

A better way to go about killing roaches would probably be to seal up all the crevices that you can find in your house. The ceiling, walls and flooring are your main concerns. Also, be sure to keep your house or apartment free of clutter or mess, as pests, including rats in the most extreme situations, will be attracted to such places.